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Creating a unique and enchanting event
We strive to create an AMAZING event that will wow your guests.  We use lighting and special effects to create a dazzling atmosphere and environment for your party.   Bistro string lighting, up lighting, spot lighting, gobos and monograms, stage lighting, and dance lighting.  We provide many different kinds of lighting, effects, and decor to design an enchanting and unique atmosphere for your event.
Careful placement and focus of lighting fixtures can brighten any room and give it an inviting glow. This helps make the event more memorable and unique without much cost. Our unique lighting can make your event space radiate with elegance and sophistication.  Wedding lighting will dramatically change the atmosphere of your event for ceremony or reception.
Our Portofino Bistro String Lighting for a wedding in Phoenix Arizona
Up Lighting is a technique used in lighting design to enhance the atmosphere of the space. This could be a wedding reception, a hallway, an outdoor garden, a corporate event, or wedding ceremony space. It involves placing lighting fixtures on the ground and focusing them upward.
This method of lighting is an easy approach to dress up an event space and add excitement and elegance. It can add color to a neutral surface such as a wall or column or landscape feature. UpLighting can also be used to make the room appear taller by accenting existing vertical lines, and creating new ones. UpLighting is often used to highlight inherent architectural features of the space such as columns and alcoves.
Transforming Boring to Exciting
Arizona Stage UpLighting Wedding Reception Up Light Lighting
Purple uplighting at a wedding reception
Add elegance and excitement to your wedding reception with colorful wedding up lighting. Uplighting can dramatically change the atmosphere of a room and create a event to remember. This is one of the lowest cost options for a wedding to add a significant impact to your wedding event.
A reception with uplighting can use LED lighting that is cool to the touch, bright and powerful to create any color to match your wedding. Wedding reception event rental packages are below. Contact us about adding exciting lighting to your wedding reception with up lighting or other dramatic lighting effects.
Phoenix Wedding UpLighting Rental experts.  We have a passion for lighting special events, we bring our artistic capabilities in lighting to custom design your event to create an enchanting atmosphere.

Elegant Wedding Drape Backdrop in Phoenix Rental
portofino string lighting outdoor wedding cake by
We bring the string lighting to you.  We provide all the lighting poles, rigging, and structure to provide a wonderful and unique string lighting atmosphere at your event.   <more>
Dance DJ Club Style Lighting
Bring on the party, we provide exciting and dazzling lighting effects to make your DJ and party boogie thru the night with fantastic lighting and special effects.
 Dance DJ Club Lighting rental in Scottsdale and Phoenix with special effects for a dazzling event.
Grand Entrance Lighting
We offer a variety of different types of grand entrance lighting, contact us about your venue and date so we can design a great entrance for your party.
Aluminum Stage Truss with Truss warming uplights on colors changing to the music
We also have CO2 effects, ground fog, haze, light beams, strobe lights, and many other effects for a grand entrance.
CO2 Fog Blast Stage Lighting effect on truss pillars with moving head lights creating a fantastic exciting entrance 
Creating a Perfect Party
Aldea - our bistro string lighting really make this space look awesome
Sweet 16 Party with Festoon String Lights, lighted truss, dance floor lighting, ground fog machine, DJ, and many moving head lights on the dance floor
Uplighting under cocktail tables to create awesome color effect for a party
Cafe Market String Lightings for this wedding reception at Saguaro Lake Ranch - event by Arizona UpLighting
Bistro String Lighting and Tree Wrapping at Wrigley Mansion Wedding Reception.
Corporate Event Dinner Lighting with Bistro String Lights at the Arizona Grand Hotel in Phoenix - event rental by Arizona Uplighting
Paper Lanterns and bistro string lights for a dance floor at GCU party - event rental by
Vintage Pendant Bulb rental and event design by
Call us to design and schedule your event....

Paul Thomas
Phoenix Scottsdale and the Valley of Arizona (AZ)
Rental of Uplighting for Special Events and Weddings Phoenix.
We are Lighting Artists, here to design a unique and enchanting atmosphere for your event.  Call us about your venue and date.  Below is a picture of a unique pendant lighting project we did for a client's corporate reception.
Rental of a Pendant Lighting Chandelier designed for a client party event with Vintage bulbs.
Lighting Artists
 - Creating an Enchanting Event
Regular room lights create a brownish yellow glow, adding color to your event will add a significant impact to changing the mood of the room and event.   Uplighting is perhaps one of the lowest cost items you can add to your reception, yet make the biggest impact.
We love to work with you to design an unique and wonderful environment.  We are lighting artists that know how to make the room look enchanting.   Many DJ's are now getting into the lighting market, they know songs....but they don't know the art of lighting.
We have years of experience in designing and creating unique events with lighting, bringing in our artistic abilities to create a truely unique and memorable event.  With an expanded budget we can also do monograms, gobo patterns, motion, and other unique lighting techniques for your event...all with a tasteful and appropriate approach. 
Uplighting in blue with black back drape and white swag front drapes rented for this corporate party in Scottsdale
Our Big Difference
How are we different than the cheap uplighting people or the DIY uplighters?  Many reasons that you probably wouldn't know, until after your wedding.
1.  Brightness of LED Lights - we use the latest and brightest LED lights... our light fixtures are often 10 times brighter than our competitors.  Our competitors have to have the room really dark to see their lights, our lights are much brighter.  Also, they "overdrive" their lights and which causes a white blur in the color.  Our lights are much brighter so we don't have to burn them at full to light your room.
2.  Rich Colors - DIY and DJ's tell you they can get any color, but that is not true.  Most use a mix of Red/Green/Blue LED's to create color.  What they don't tell you is that it will most create neon bright colors, not really good color.  For instance, most DJ led's can't get a good Pink!, a Gold/Yellow, or a good White.  Our LED's are more advance and will get you that rich Pink or White or deep other colors because we use more advance RGBW or RGBWA Led lamps.  If you want rich color, call us.
3.  Intelligent Control Options - we offer advance intelligent control of the lights including the option for "moving head" LED lights.  This can make a much more effective light show with special effects if you desire them.  These controls can be set to match the style and tastefulness of your event, either "elegant" event or "wild party".
4.  Service On-Site -we set up your event, we artistically place the lights to create the most impactful and tasteful effect.   We stay at your event and check on each light every hour to make sure there are no problems and keep everything working flawless.  We are at your event to make sure your once-in-a-lifetime event goes perfect.  Other organizations do a "drop and run" approach.
Phoenix Event Lighting Rental Done Right
 Wedding lighting at Scottsdale Civic Park with Festoon Bistro String Lights, lighted pillars, and dance floor lighting
The above photo is for a wedding reception at Scottsdale Civic Park where we provided the lighting for the fountains, the amber pillars, the bistro string lighting, and dance floor lighting.  A very elegant wedding reception.
Outdoor Party Dance DJ Club Lighting and Truss event rental
Portofino String Lighting at a wedding reception party with blue up lighting 
Chinese Paper Lanterns on our Bistro Portofino String Lights 
Inflatable Moon Balloon Light rental in Phoenix
We created hanging lighted balloon lighting for a dazzling party, ceated an enchanted fun space for the party. 
Paper Lanterns, cafe market string lighting, and twinkle lights create this enchanting party space
Italian Bistro String Lighting rental for a wedding reception at Wrigley Mansion with twinkle tree lighting. 
 Photo by Drew Brashler (
Wrigley Mansion wedding reception lighting with Festoon Portofino string lighting. 
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