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Lighting Rental Pricing - What to Budget....
We will custom price an event lighting package for your special event, just give us a call to discuss your event and venue.   Your event and lighting is important to us.   We will understand what you want to create at your event and build a package that will fit your budget.  We work with budgets from $200 to $3,000.
Phoenix Wedding Reception Uplighting Special Event
Let's create an AMAZING event for you.
Call us to design custom lighting for your event.
                               Call Paul at 602.492.6624
Rental packages include setup, tear down and normal travel. Many other options available, please call to discuss designing your unique and memorable special event  
We will work with you to design the perfect and unique wedding ceremony, reception, or special event lighting.   We are lighting artists, we have a passion for making each event unique, enchanting, and memorable.
Some sample event packages just to give budget ideas.... call us to plan your event lighting.
Real Event #1 - Amber Lighted Tents & Bistro String Lights
Elegant clear white and premium amber bistro portofino lights.  Amber lights in white tents reflect the color of a soft candle.  Lights covered the guest tables and dance floor.
The above example event included five of our clear white bistro string lights covering tables and a dance floor for 150 guests with our two white 10' x 10' tents with our elegant amber bistro lights hung in the tent.  Event budget $850.
Real Event #2 - Elegant Bistro Portofino String Lighting
Elegant bistro festoon string lights at a wedding reception over the dance floor and cocktail tables.
The above example wedding reception included five of our clear white bistro portofino string lights covering cocktail and dinner tables, and a dance floor for 200 guests.  Event budget $600
Real Event #3 - Purple Uplighting w Monogram Gobo
Purple uplighting and custom monogram highlight this room transforming a boring ballroom to an enchanted party space.
The above example wedding reception included 16 purple uplights around the hotel ballroom with a custom bride and groom designed monogram projected onto the dance floor.  Event budget $ 750
Real Event #4 - Premium Amber Bulb Bistro String Lights
Transform a courtyard with our bistro string lighting to create a dazzling effect for this wedding reception.
The above example wedding reception included five strings of our premium amber bulb bistro string lights hanging across the dance floor and tables.  The amber bulb colors the courtyard in a beautiful yellow amber of a candle. Event budget $ 800
Real Event #5 - Pool Party and Paper Lanterns
Turn a pool into a party with our string lights and paper lanterns.  The reflection in the pool added to the lighting effect at this party.
The above example pool party included two strings of bistro lights across the pool with festive paper lanterns attached and eight uplights in red to color the patio.  Event budget $ 550
Real Event #6 - Amber Wedding Ceremony
Transform a boring ballroom into an enchanted space even during daylight.  Our amber uplights created an elegant space for this wedding ceremony.
The above wedding ceremony space was transformed with amber color with our uplighting event during daylight.  Our lights are powerful enough to create color in a well lit room.  This transformed a typical ballroom into an amazing warm space with the unique lighting.   Event budget $ 350
Real Event #7 - Blue and Custom Monogram
Personalize your event with our custom monograms and colored uplighting to match your wedding colors and style.
The above event featured ten blue uplights around the walls of the room adding color to a brown Arizona room with a custom designed monogram for the bride and groom.  Event budget $ 550
Real Event #8 - Sweet 16 Dance Party
Add sizzle to your party with a dance floor better than any club in town.  This sweet 16 party had all the kids dancing and talking about this party for months.
Wow what a party, they are still talking about how the lighting at this party really made the event.  This event included lighted truss towers blinking to the music, moving head dance lights over the dance floor, and bistro string lights creating a starlight canopy over the dance floor, ground fog to dance in the clouds effect, lots of color and excitement drawing all the kids to the dance floor.  Event budget $ 1,500
Real Event #9 - Zumba Dance Party
Our lighting really got everyone dancing at this Zumba dance party with exciting colors, truss lighting, and moving lights.
This event included four lighting trusses loaded with color and lighting effects to dazzle the eyes and get you dancing.  Moving head spot lights and beam lights added the sizzle to this event with effects and lots of color.         Event budget $1,500 
Real Event #10 - Rock Concert with a Light Show
A rock concert on a budget, we provided an exciting moving head beam light show with many exciting colors.
This concert featured a exciting light show with many fantastic colors, beams, moving spots and wash lights fully inspiring the musicians and audience into a great concert.  Event budget $ 1,500
Real Event #11 - Incredible Outdoor Wedding Reception
The above event included lighting the fountains with moving sparkles of light, amber lighted towers creating a wedding castle surrounding the bridal party head table and dance floor, special dance floor lighting, bistro string lighting, and spots on the cake and food tables.  Event budget $3,500
Real Event #12 - Backyard Wedding Reception
Elegant backyard wedding reception portofino bistro string lighting - rental by
Elegant and affordable, this setup included five strings of bisto lights to a center pole in the backyard giving a large well lit space about 60' x 60' in size.   This simple setup give a warm feel at an affordable budget.   Event budget $650
Rent a Light -  Do It Yourself Uplighting 
We now will rent you the uplights for your event.  We will rent you the lights for 4-5 days for your event at just $25 each light.  Create an awesome event on a budget and save money by renting great quality high color power LED uplights for your event and do it yourself. 
uplight flat par rental for do it yourself DIY events and parties
Many Other Creative Lighting Ideas -
Call us to Design your Event:  Call Paul at 602.492.6624
We have battery and electric powerful LED lights that will create "Deep Purple", "Awesome Pink", and "Sonoran Amber".  Most DJ's can't do these colors with their lights.  We have super bright moving head LED lights from 70w to 600w of LED lighting power.  We also have 1200w incandescent moving head lights for events.  Antique vintage bistro string lights, and many special effects for a grand entrance.   We have many capabililties to create a unique and impactful party experience.
Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding communities.