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Lighting to create a more Enchanting Event (Idea and Concept Photos)
There is a lot of creativity and effect that lighting can bring to designing the atmosphere and mood at an event.  These pictures are a small representation of ideas that we can accomplish with lighting and decor.  I wish we had created these events, however, these are some awesome photos from other events.  We would love to work with you to design your event with some great ideas.  These  photos help illustrate ideas and show the impact of creative lighting.
Wedding lighting in a tent for a special event
Notice the colors and patterns on the tent ceiling, these are all created by lighting... creating a festive and fun atmosphere.
Special event party lighting creating a dramatic effect
Notice the beams of light as well as the pattern of light on the floor.  This is all done with special lighting and creates a unique and enchanting mood at this event.  Also in this photo is a lite amount of stage haze.
bridal party wedding lighting creating an angel effect
Notice the beams of light creating an angel effect on the children, as well as the patterns on the floor.  These are created by special lighting with a lite amount of stage haze.
dramatic event entry lighting effect
Notice the blue pattern on the floor, then the yellow pattern.  This is done with two different lights layered to create this unique effect and totally change a boring room and floor to a "feature".
Lighting effect at a corporate party event for cocktail area
Notice the lighting pattern in this photo covers the furnature and carpets.  Taking a simple couch and table set and making a dramatic fun area with this lighting effect.
wedding event special lighting
Notice the yellow lighting on the flooring.  This takes a boring floor and makes an enchanting space with yellow light patterns to draw you into these drapery features.
Notice the blue lighting with the pattern lighting on the ceiling.  White center lighting draws the guests into the room and creates a awesome atmosphere.
corporate event party special lighting
This picture shows lighting on the floor with pattern lighting.  This photo shows a lite stage haze in the room creating the lighting beam effect.  This lighting transforms a boring room into an exciting space using white pattern lighting.
Notice the patterns on the floor and colors.  This pattern and coloring is all done with creative lighting.  This lighting dramatically changes the look and feel of this event.
tent special event wedding lighting effect
This picture illustrates gobo pattern lighting on both the floor and ceiling of this tent.  This gobo pattern lighting dramatically creates an elegant and unique feel to an otherwise ordinary tent structure.